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Heart Healing: What, Why, For Who?

Heart Healing

WHAT is Heart Healing?

Heart healing is simply, experientially connecting with Jesus for His perspective and truth regarding the lies that our hearts are carrying ... lies about Him, ourselves, one another or our circumstances. The problem with the lie is it feels true!! You would never agree with a lie if you recognized it was a lie! The enemy is a deceiver and he embeds the lie in painful negative emotions because he knows we are designed to move away from pain not towards it. Instead of stuffing emotion, we invite you to move towards it, explore it, give yourself the opportunity to be honest about what feel's true. In so doing, the 'belief' that's driving the pain will be exposed, presented to Jesus for His perspective and permanently extinguished!! One encounter at a time!!

WHY pursue it?

Because the enemy has been out to steal, kill and destroy your identity, your purpose, and your unique gifts since you were born (oftentimes, even while in utero, before you were even born) ... he's been prowling around looking for an opportune moment to take advantage of your youth, your innocence, your childlike faith and exploiting your vulnerability. But Jesus has come to destroy the works of the enemy, to set you free from the tormentor and give you life abundant & intimately connected to Himself.

WHO would benefit from it?

Any and Everyone!! Heart healing is simply connecting with the Father's heart for you, Jesus's friendship, Holy Spirit's leadership, comfort, and guidance. If you feel the least bit disconnected & want a closer connection with any aspect of the Godhead, He is standing at the door and knocking ... let us help you answer the door and invite Him in.

a heart healing session video

We've created a playlist with a few videos of heart healing sessions. Your session won't be exactly like these since our facilitators use several different modalities during a session, but it'll give you an idea.

Click here if you'd like to watch them.

Click here if you'd like to book a heart healing session with one of our trained facilitators.


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