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Freedom Through Forgiveness

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Ever since I was a toddler, I have been taught to say “I am sorry” and to say “I forgive you”, but did I really? I’ve often wondered why I still struggle with forgiving specific things or people in spite of my best efforts to release it/them. But then ‘it’ comes up again or I see’ them’ and have to be honest with myself, it’s still not released. After all, “I still remember what they did” and I have to ask myself. “ does forgiveness mean letting my abuser back in my life?” Does it mean allowing them to take advantage of me again? Isn’t it ok for me to give them the silent treatment, ghost them, and withhold myself from them? Isn’t my passive-aggressive behavior justified? Doesn’t my aggressive behavior make sure they get the message, “I’m hurt and I want to punish you?”

Forgive everyone and everything? Really ?? Everything… …? Everyone … …?

Forgiveness Empowers

Since unforgiveness is held in place by anger, it’s important to understand anger blocks access to Jesus and wisdom. Forgiveness allows us access to connect with Jesus, to hear from Him, and to operate from His wisdom and clarity that comes from connecting with Him and seeing from His perspective.

Forgiveness is Not Reconciliation

Reconciliation requires both parties to own their part and do the necessary work to restore the relationship.

Forgiveness is Personal Freedom

Unforgiveness is held in place by anger. Anger takes an enormous amount of energy to maintain. It’s also the legal right the enemy uses to lock us away in our own prisons of painful emotional torment and distress. So being free to forgive is actually for our own freedom.

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Activating Freedom Through Forgiveness

Take a personal inventory. Who comes to mind you have not yet been able to forgive? People you said you’d forgiven, but are still struggling with what they said or did, not able to fully move past it. The ones you find yourself rehearsing the unfiltered words you’d like to say to them.

Part of you may want to release them yet another part wants to hold onto the record of wrong. The lie-based belief holding your anger/unforgiveness in place is only going to be resolved through an honest conversation through an encounter with Jesus.

If you desire the freedom that comes through forgiveness but are stuck and can’t get past a wound, a wrong, or an offense, INNERROOM facilitators are waiting to help! INNERROOM facilitators are honored and fully equipped to walk with you through this beautiful process of heart healing and personal freedom. The ‘process’ is simply a gentle journey of getting past the lies hindering YOU from becoming FREE. The freedom that comes by extending forgiveness.

Click here to book your heart healing session and experience greater freedom.


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