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Why is heart wholeness important when talking about spiritual warfare?

Honestly, I’ve sat here for a little while just mulling over that question. What does my heart being healed have to do with spiritual warfare…?

The answer is, EVERYTHING.

Whether we admit it or not, we have cracks in our hearts that have accumulated throughout our life. Disappointment, trauma, rejection, the list goes on. Those cracks are like paper cuts on our skin. We are not aware of them until a little lemon juice exposes the wound. When we operate with our hearts still carrying these wounds, the enemy uses people & situations to act like lemon juice which causes pain & exposes the lies buried in our wounds.

The enemy is a legalist, his only mission is to steal, kill & destroy. To rob us of the God-given identity & power we were designed to operate in. The unresolved wounds in our hearts are what he uses to push our buttons. The unresolved wounds in our hearts are the bull’s eye mark his fiery arrows never miss.

What does that fiery arrow hit look like? As Sharla would say, “it’s when you give a $5,000.00 reaction to a $0.50 question.”

Stewardship of our hearts is allowing Jesus to have access to every part of it, He wants to mend, heal & restore those places with His Presence, through experiential encounters, where He exposes the lie & replaces it with His truth, His perspective.

Recognizing that we have stuff going on in the depth of our hearts that Jesus wants to heal is a crucial discipline… it removes the opportunity for the devil to use those places to keep the pain alive.

We were never meant to be powerless to our own pain. We just haven’t been taught how to process it with Jesus. The goal is to learn how to recognize our pain, take ownership of it and bring it to Jesus for His truth & resolution.

“Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23

If you'd like help in processing with Jesus, book an in-person or Zoom Heart Healing session with one of our trained facilitators.


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