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A Way Out of Hopelessness

As we have reflected on our ten years as a ministry, it also is clear there are so many things as a country that we have experienced that have caused us to need an experiential encounter with God so that He can bring light and truth to our hearts. This world is full of pain and brokenness, but He sent His son so that we could have an abundant life and not just exist as we deal with the lies from the enemy and wounds that never seem to heal internally. That is and was never God’s design for us.

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy, I came so that they would have life, and have it abundantly." John 10:10

But how do you get to experience that abundant life when you are overwhelmed with the circumstances of your life and feeling hopeless and despairing that things could ever change? When we focus horizontally on all the struggles and cares of this world, it is very easy to lose our connection with God and we then begin to ruminate on how we can fix our issues so the hopelessness will lessen. Often this creates an avalanche of emotions and problems. We try to be our own savior and fix things by ourselves because it may have not always gone well when we allowed others to help us walk through trials. God often gets lumped in the same category. The enemy reminds us of times when we felt alone going through hardships and so we believe the lie that He can’t help us with our current struggles.

The only way to get out of feeling hopeless about our circumstances is to look to the cross. The interesting thing about the cross is that it balances the horizontal and the vertical. We don't have to feel hopeless about all the horizontal circumstances of our lives because we can connect with God and allow Him to bring His perspective into our challenges. In 1 Thessalonians 4:13, it says we do not grieve like people who have no hope because of what Christ did on the cross.

We have hope because we can bring our cares to Jesus and get His perspective on our pain and His truth, and He offers a hope that this world can’t.

Are you feeling hopeless about your circumstances? Are you struggling with your health or the health of a loved one and it all seems overwhelming and defeating when the doctors just don’t have answers? Did the holidays leave you feeling defeated because you feel your relationships and family dynamics might never change? Have you tried conventional therapy or counseling and it seems like you keep talking about problems but never really get to a solution or a way out? Are you feeling hopeless as you think about Valentines, and you evaluate your relationship with a significant other or your singleness? Do you feel like you will never be free from your past hurts, and they will continue to haunt you as anniversaries of trauma and loss occur? Has the enemy convinced you that you will never be able to be in healthy relationships because of the brokenness of your life?

There is HOPE and a way out. Allow God to enter those hopeless places.

How do I allow God to enter my hopelessness?

  • Start by presenting God with all the things you are feeling overwhelmed and hopeless about. It's even okay to tell Him you're angry with Him, that He has not fixed these things and you're enduring the hardships of this life. He is big enough for all your emotions. He will listen when there seems like no one else will and He'll understand.

  • Ask God: "What is your truth about my situation? What is your desire for me?" He can give you clarity and answers that man can’t.

If you find yourself stuck and unable to connect well with God or you know there's more and you want to go deeper you can schedule a heart healing session. You have nothing to lose. If you are already feeling defeated, why not give it a try and see if it might just be the encounter with God that can bring a whole new perspective to the challenges you're facing?

CLICK HERE to schedule an in-person or virtual heart healing session with one of our trained facilitators.

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