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Coaching: Why, What, For Who?

Coaching and focus your passion to get you where your heart knows it's suppose to be

Why pursue Coaching?

Christian Life Coaching provides support and guidance to help you establish transformation in your life. Coaching helps you determine where you want to go and the appropriate decisions to help get you there. It’s a collaborative way of helping you get out of a rut or discovering a new desire of your heart to follow because true life transformation this is fulfilling is fostered by engaging in new approaches, new perspectives, and new ways of thinking in our relationships, careers, and overall mental health. Life Coaching is deeply empowering and activating for you as you discover your sense of purpose, vision, and dreams.

What is Coaching?

Life Coaching is a partnership between you and your coach and requires commitment from both sides.

In coaching, the client is responsible for results and the coach is the guide. It is this mutual commitment that creates a culture of trust and growth. Life Coaching focuses on the here, the now, and the future; not the past. We look for ways to move forward, uncovering resources and exploring possibilities. A coach helps you find those answers; someone that knows you, is for you, wants you to succeed, isn't afraid of you, and is on your team. A coach can help you see your blind spots.

What is coaching not?

To better understand what coaching is, let's talk about what coaching is not by comparing it to methods of help people are familiar with.

Therapy or Counseling: Therapy typically focuses on healing emotional wounds of the past to help resolve present-day pain, dysfunction, and conflicts within yourself or in relationships. Coaching, on the other hand, helps support personal and professional growth. It focuses primarily on the future. Therefore, coaching is for those who are generally emotionally and mentally healthy and ready to move forward in their growth.

Heart Healing: Heart Healing is similar in focus to therapy and counseling - healing present and past emotional wounds. The important difference is that Heart Healing invites Jesus into the healing process to help you live a life of greater freedom and joy in the present.

Training, Consulting, or Mentoring: Unlike training, consulting, or mentoring, the coach may not be an expert in your particular field. In coaching, we see you as the expert on your own life and the coach’s job is to listen, make observations, ask powerful questions, and hold up a mirror to help you see what you may not see in yourself.

Who would benefit from it?

There are several reasons why everyone would benefit from investing in a few coaching sessions. Here are just a few:

  • discover your life purpose

  • accelerate the process of becoming more aligned with God's plan

  • manage life transitions better

  • get unstuck

  • move through obstacles quicker

  • increase fulfillment in relationships and work

  • reach your goals in health, finances, career, relationships, etc.

  • gain emotional stability and empowering mindsets

Bonus #1

The added bonus of having a Christian Coach is that they'll guide you so that you stay focused on God the entire time and ensure that you incorporate Kingdom principles throughout the transformational process.

Bonus #2

Your Coach can help you solidify and get traction behind the emotional freedom and empowering truths you gained during your heart healing sessions.

Our team at the INNERROOM is passionate about FREEDOM.

The INNERROOM believes our freedom is what Jesus died on the cross for. This is why we provide both heart healing AND coaching. We desire for everyone to have a life-transforming encounter with Jesus and be equipped and empowered to live in freedom every day.

Book a Faith Coaching session with one of our trained coaches.


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