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Every Ending Marks a New Beginning

My heart feels prepared but is it really?

How will I truly know?

A new season is upon me, and one is ending,

Am I actually ready to let go?

There’s pressure to focus on the new and be expectant for the change,

But I want to make sure my heart ends in a good place.

What’s waiting in the future hasn’t yet come,

So, I need to steward the past and make sure I’m not walking around numb.

I need to cling to Jesus because the end of this season is near,

And I want to make sure that I’m actively partnering with Him while He heals.

I’m in the transition space between endings and beginnings,

Where stewardship of my heart will set the next season in motion.

Inviting Him in by starting with thanksgiving,

Is where I begin to learn Jesus cares about my emotions.

Thank You for the things I walked through.

It was difficult, but You never forsook me.

There were gifts in the midst that I am now able to view.

And You are the one who I am constantly thanking.

As I open to You and allow You in my heart,

I’m immediately taken to a memory which is where You want to start.

A belief about You that is untrue,

That has me looking at things through a lens of abuse.

You show me how the lie has twisted my vision,

How it’s showing up in relationships and influencing my decisions.

I’ve closed this part off with a wall of protection,

And You are so gentle, that You ask me permission.

“Can I enter this place with you?

I want to show you the truth.”

As I nod my head, I see the memory from your perspective,

I immediately learn that I partnered with a lie of submission,

One where the only way I can be protected,

Is to submit to the point I no longer can make any of my own decisions.

You let me know I am yours before I am anyone else’s.

That You would never force me to do something I don’t want to do.

You want to partner with me in all of life’s messes,

And keep me safe and continuously feeling pursued.

Instantly my heart feels so much lighter,

Like a portion of myself just expanded and became wider.

I invite you to take up the new space,

To fill me with love and loads of grace.

Who is this woman I am now becoming,

One who is free from a lie that was soul-sucking.

I finally am walking in identity with you,

As a daughter that isn’t holding on to the past and is walking renewed.

I’m in the transition space between endings and beginnings,

Where stewardship of my heart will set the next season in motion.

Allowing Jesus in to heal my heart has me grinning,

And ready for what’s to come because I know that I am His chosen.

Are you in transition?

Here are a few exercises to help you in your transition. You may want to break it up over a few days or do it all in one sitting. There's no right or wrong way.

  • Take a moment to reflect on your ending by walking through your memories of this past season with Jesus. Allow Jesus to share His thoughts.

  • Take a moment with Jesus to celebrate your wins and grieve your losses.

  • Take a moment with Jesus to see into your next season and allow Him to build faith, hope, and love because that's what will sustain you.

Blessing Prayer


May you feel the tangible presence of God, who is love, envelop you and minister to your weary heart. It's gone through a lot. He knows. He knows. He knows better than you, what it cost your heart to get here. May God's love seep deep into your soul and fill every crack, every crater left by this world and make you whole.

We bless the journey you've walked and the journey that's ahead of you.

May Holy Spirit strengthen and guide you from glory to glory.

We thank you, Jesus, for always interceding on your Bride's behalf and we cry, "Yes! Amen! May it be so!" to all that you have for us.

Click here to schedule a heart healing session to help you process any wounds from your past or feelings of disconnectedness from God.

Click here to schedule a coaching session to help you get clarity in your transition between seasons and better position yourself for the next.


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