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INNERROOM & Deliverance

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The umbrella of Inner Healing and Deliverance is so broad people frequently ask, “What’s the difference?”

“How do I know if I need to go for Deliverance or for Inner Healing?”

The answer to that question is as broad as the umbrella that covers all the different modalities and needs of an individual. But the short answer is, with the exception of extreme cases, they are not necessarily mutually exclusive… Inner Healing in and of itself is deliverance. Deliverance does not necessarily include Inner Healing.

What exactly is deliverance?

According to:

  • Webster: 1. The Act of delivering someone or something: the state of being delivered.

  • Cambridge: 1. The state of being saved from a painful or bad experience

  • Oxford: 1. The action of being rescued or set free 2. A formal authoritative utterance

Simply put, deliverance is achieved anytime someone comes in contact with “The Truth”, “The Presence”, “The Man”, Jesus Christ. So, in any area of life, a mind or a heart that’s being tormented Jesus is the answer! However, the answer takes many different forms. Types of ministries have been formed with specific focuses and approaches. These ministries look very different in application but in all cases, the goal is to identify the intruder or the lie and expel or break agreement with it.

Deliverance Ministry

Most often when people think about ‘deliverance’ the first thought that comes to mind is someone addressing ‘the demons’ or ‘entities’ that are manifesting in a life or body, calling them out and removing them for the tormented one. In other words, ‘something you go get’ or ‘something that’s done for you’.

The most subtle, almost unrecognizable manifestations that need deliverance are:

  • Generational Sin which is simply partnering with Holy Spirit asking Him to highlight any generational sins that have been passed on through the family bloodlines for each of the parents. As Holy Spirit highlights specific things, it’s simply a matter of acknowledging, renouncing agreement or partnership with it, forgiving the family members involved, and replacing the old bloodline with the bloodline of Jesus.

To the more extreme and disruptive manifestations such as:

  • Body contortions

  • Loud voices

  • Foul language

  • Combative and Violent behaviors

  • Screams and shrieks

Deliverance ministry often requires assistance from facilitators trained in identifying and addressing specific cosmic and demonic entities that are occupying space and showing off. Often the recipient is asked to repeat after the facilitator, specific renunciations and extending forgiveness. Or the facilitator may directly cast out, by the authority of Jesus, any unruly or defiant entity that has been causing a disruption in the individual's life.

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Inner Healing Ministry

Inner Healing is usually recommended for precious people who have experienced trauma, troubled childhoods or marriages, for those who can’t maintain healthy relationships, or struggle with patterns and cycles of negative emotions - depression, anxiety, inferiority & inadequacy, hopelessness, helplessness, powerlessness, anger, fear, etc. The stigma with Inner Healing is that only the broken, deeply wounded or the weak need it. The reality is, we are all broken, we are all operating from lie-based beliefs at some level and ALL of us, no one excluded would not only benefit from but are in need of it! Even if you're not lie-based, broken or deeply wounded, why would one not be interested in exploring anything that facilitates an experiential encounter for a deeper personal relationship with Jesus? Who can EVER get enough or too much of Him?

INNERROOM is unique in that it’s a Deliverance, Inner Healing … and then some, ministry. The goal of INNERROOM is to minister to the whole person, facilitating a connection with Jesus that brings them into the Divine loving connection & intimate relationship with Him they were created for. At the INNERROOM we take Mathew 12:45 and Luke 11:26 very seriously. “When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through aid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, “I will return to the house I left”. When it arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. The final condition of that person is worse than the first.”

We don’t ever want to remove the ‘intruder’ without also filling the space with Jesus by healing the ‘wound’ or exposing the ‘lie’ that allowed the intruder access to begin with.


We don’t have to agree with the tormenting pain the enemy uses on us by saying YES and agreeing with it, we just have to NOT say NO to the lies he’s telling us that’s driving the pain. We don’t usually disagree with the lie, because we don’t recognize it as a lie. The lie works because it feels true.

gavel and gavel block

The Kingdom of Darkness operates on legalities. We unknowingly give these entities a legal right to torment us because we don’t understand how they gain access or how we give them legal ground to operate from.

How they gain access:

  • The lie that enticed us into saying yes to entering the dark places & practices also opened a legal door for the enemy to enter in. At the moment of enticement, the pleasure felt true, but the pleasure was temporary and now you are trapped in a cycle of shame, guilt and dependence on ‘the thing’

  • Cosmic entities attach to every unresolved trauma we have ever experienced or lived through. They gain access through the trauma and they don’t leave until the trauma is dealt with and healed. Until the trauma is processed and resolved (not buried or simply put ‘behind you’) the very nature, assignment & legal right of these entities is to keep the pain of the past alive by not only replaying the trauma over and over in your mind, they also project that pain into your future, to keep you from ever being free. As long as the trauma is not dealt with, it is unhealed. Unhealed trauma is their legal right to hang around and torment you.

  • Demons thrive and grow in lie-based negative emotional pain like flies swarming to a banquet table of choice food. If your emotional pain is not sadness or grief, it is almost guaranteed to be lie based!! Anger is not a lie but the reason for holding onto it is. Fear is a God-given emotion meant to alarm you of danger …. But when you are paralyzed by fear, it is lie based. So much of our emotional pain seems ‘explainable’ and ‘justified’ (ex: “anyone going through this would feel this way “) just because we’ve learned to ‘manage’ or ‘accept’ our emotional pain, doesn’t mean it’s the truth & we should agree with it.

INNERROOM is a deliverance ministry, but our focus is not on the ‘intruder’ that has to be dealt with. We facilitate encounters with Jesus which heals the wounds and lie-based beliefs. Filling the vacant ‘house’ with The Truth, The Presence, The Man ~ Jesus Christ, instead of simply ‘getting rid of the intruder’. Jesus’ Truth redeems the legal transaction and takes back the lie-based ground the enemy camped out in. After a Jesus encounter, you're delivered from the tormentors and your heart is alive and free with Jesus.


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